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Tips on Improving the Content and Quality of your Web Video

There’s a lot of struggle going on between websites and businesses for better search engine visibility. Web video production and marketing has turned out to be the next big thing today – and a majority of the websites is now trying to adapt to this method. This is also backed by a fact that web videos will be given preference now and would form a major part of advertisement by 2014-15 as per Google. Quality and content will again be important and will be a differentiator.

Plan properly

Most of the businesses and individuals are actually trying to publish their videos in a very less span of time. This is a mistake – as the content of the video suffers. Before you think about publishing a video, plan for it.

Try to create value through your video, rather than creating something. Come up with a good situation, good characters, add more life and think of the strategies you’d use to communicate the story. Also, make sure the story is understood by others – by running it through other people in your organization.

Take care of the production

If you are hiring a company for your web video production, and are using real characters, then make sure the lighting, tone, audio and appearances are fine. People should be able to hear your characters clearly. Also make sure that there are no disturbances in the background.

If you are going in with an animated video, make it differently. It should not be over animated, nor should it be dull. It should be able to communicate your message and also keep your audiences engaged. Use less text – as people would want to see rather than read.

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