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Tips on How to Prevent Treadmill based Injuries

People who work out regularly, especially those who perform weight based work out activities or those who go on long walks and jogs face similar risks. Exercise based injuries are common and in order to avoid them it helps to first know a little about them. Read on to especially learn how to prevent common treadmill injuries in the future.

Keep loose

Most treadmills are built with bars along the side and a common feature among regular treadmill users is that they hold onto these bars when working out. First off, the bars are primarily built to support the equipment structure and not for you. Looking for discounted exercise equipments?

The more you hold onto the bars while running or walking on the treadmill, the higher your chance of injury. Back pain may be a common problem due to the wrong posture while working out in this case. If you hold the bars, it will lead to your bending forward, this eventually affects the back bone and knees. If it important to stand upright with a straight back for normal jogs and runs. Do not over do your workout activities especially if you are already feeling some back pain. If this happen, contact a physiotherapist.

Put the machine off

If you intend stepping off the equipment, make sure you switch it off first. Seasoned athletes and those who have been working out for years may be able to manage getting on and off the machine while it is still in motion. However, it is always safer to switch it off for your own protection.

If it is on and you try to walk off it, you may slip and hurt yourself. The intensity of the fall will determine the extent of the injury. Keep in mind several people have suffered severe fractures and sprains as a result of stepping off a moving treadmill.