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Tips on Choosing Between Curtains and Blinds for the Bedroom

When it comes to selecting drapes and blinds for your bedroom, there are no preset formula to follow. There are a lot of things to consider such as the pros and cons of each material, designs and colours available and blending with the general décor. Before that however you will have to decide on whether to install blinds or curtains. Both have their distinct advantage and disadvantage and it is for you to decide depending on what’s convenient for you.

Drapes vs Blinds

For centuries, drapes have been the most popular choice when it comes to coverings for windows. Clean, starched drapes billowing in the wind are common images from anywhere across world and all of us are accustomed to using them as the best window coverings. However, these days venetian blinds too are becoming quite popular with the fashionable and trendy. But this does not mean you should throw away those sturdy drapes and go for blinds today! No, make an informed choice and know beforehand what is best for you and your home.

Consider the Health Aspect

Bedrooms are the places where you and your family members relax, sleep, unwind and recuperate. It should one of the cleanest and dust-free areas of your home. Unfortunately, blinds tend to attract and accumulate dust more than drapes. This is understandable as the very design of blind makes it so easy for dust particles to gather in-between the slats or underneath them. This can make your entire bedroom dustier and quite unhealthy. The problem will be further exacerbated if you have an asthma patient using the bedroom. His/her condition can worsen as asthmatics are naturally prone to dust allergy.

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