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Tips for Wearing White Jeans

White jeans have been a part of women’s fashion since long. They have appeared and reappeared, but never disappeared. A lot of women have apprehensions that they do not look good on them and end up shunning them altogether. This versatile piece of your wardrobe could, however add various kinds of styles to your look.

From the casual to the dressy look, browse the variety of cuts to suit your body shape available on women’s clothing online, to look a class apart. A good set of tops and accessories to team with your white jeans will help you move around confidently and get rid of your age old apprehensions. View designer plus size clothing now.

Casual Look

For a casual look, pair your white denims with graphic tee shirts and sneakers or use blouses and boat shoes combination. They are sure to stand apart from the regular pants or blue denims. They are sure to be a trendsetter for all seasons along with the ease they offer in pairing.

The graphic tee shirts could be of red or any dark colours to contrast with the white jeans. If it is cold, a sweater or jacket can be worn on the top. Casual non athletic sneakers, light in colour to avoid drawing attention from the outfit, are preferred.

The laces and soles are best kept white to achieve a good overall look. Bangle bracelets or chunky belts can be worn to add a fun element to the outfit. Bags, if carried, should be of crossover or messenger type.

Blouses over white denims should be dark in colour. The boat shoes should be light in colour so as to keep the look casual. Shade and style of the blouse is a personal choice, but a V neck cardigan is suitable in case it is chilly outside. Satin or suede boat shoes can be worn to remain casual yet different. A tote style bag of bright colour will complement the outfit well.