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Tips for Taking Care of Your Contact Lens

Contact lens has become a very popular replace to reading glasses owing to its wide range of advantages. While many of you have now switched to contact lens, very few know the actual dos and don’ts in taking care of your Lens.

There are different types of contact lens. Daily wear, two weekly wear, extended wear etc. Daily disposable contact lenses are considered the safest and no need to bother about the cleaning and storing.

Basic cleaning instructions

  • Wash your hands and dry them every time before touching the contact lens.
  • Remove one lens from the lens case and gently rub both sides of the lens in your palm with few drops of the recommended solution.
  • Lens cases must be rinsed with hot water, dried then filled in with fresh solution. Lens case must be replaced every month.
  • Place the cleaned lens in clean lens case filled in with fresh solution. Do not top off your old solution. Repeat the same for the other lens as well.
  • Wear your contact lens only for the length of time they are supposed to be worn.
  • Use only the solution, eye drops and cleaners recommended by your eye doctor. -190

What not to do

  • Do not touch the tip of the solution bottles
  • Do not expose your lens to water or saliva to clean or store your lenses.
  • Do not change or mix the solutions or cleaner which may cause infections.
  • Do not wear lenses while swimming or having a bath.
  • Do not wear lenses when you sleep even during a nap.