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Tips for Saving when Moving House

Moving homes is both a time and money consuming process, whether you are moving across states or across the street. You need to buy moving supplies and rent a truck or hire Canberra interstate removalists to do the job. Whatever path you choose, moving homes is expensive. However, there are quite a few ways to cut costs and you might end up saving a lot of cash in the process.

Selling and giving items away

If you really want to cut costs during the moving process, save some time to auction off the things which you won’t require in your new home. You can have a garage sale or sell your goods to a second-hand store.

Even if you can’t sell all your items, avoid bringing along the remaining, as these will cost you boxes and moving space. If you are more of a charitable soul, donate the unwanted items to friends, relatives or to some charity. Remember, everything the moving service does for you will cost you money, so be sure to leave out your junk items.

Rent boxes

Cardboard boxes aren’t very expensive and can be obtained the supermarket or other retail stores. However, a wiser choice would be to use Plastic boxes which can be rented for the period of your move, and also is cheaper than buying cardboard boxes. Cardboard boxes can only be reused up to three or four times, unlike plastic boxes, which can be used many times before finally being recycled.

Installing a security system in your new house is important. Criminals will find it hard to enter a well secured house.