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Tips for Saving Water in Commercial Kitchens

Water is precious and the lifeline of the diverse flora and fauna present upon planet earth .You must take every possible measure to conserve it. In-fact, the very existence of human beings depends on water. A lot of water is wasted in commercial dishwashing in restaurants. By saving this water you can actively contribute towards conservation of environment and keeping the eco-system clean and healthy for generations to come.

Purchase ENERGY STAR qualified equipment

Energy star has stringent criteria when it comes to water efficiency and saving electricity. It awards energy-efficient ratings and certifications to equipments like commercial dishwashers, steamers, commercial juicer and ice machines which meet these standards. Not only do they help in water conservation but such equipments help you to reap maximum profits by significantly reducing your water bills.

Turn the water-consuming equipment off when not in use and try reusing the water

Often in commercial kitchens, the water-consuming equipments are left operating, even when not in use. You should turn them off after use, so besides saving water they also help you in saving electricity and money. Using the reclaimed water from steamers for cleaning and various other needs in Commercial warewashing, is a smart way to avoid water from getting wasted.

Install pre-rinse low-flow spray valves and serve water in the restaurant only upon request

Serve water only when requested by customers. When it comes to efficiency, the pre-rinse low-flow spray valves are just as efficient as the traditional spray valves but the pre-rinse spray valves are far more economical. Depending on the usage they may help you to save a whopping amount of up to $1000 annually on the water bills.

Installing a splashback on your  commercial kitchen should be done by a trained person from a splashback installer company.

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