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Tips for Personalising Your Wedding

Your wedding is the most important day of your life which you would like to cherish forever. Hence it is but apt that you make this special day extra special by adding a personal touch to it a far as possible. Planning wedding events to highlight things which interest you as well as keep your guests engrossed in the ceremony, such that the day remains etched in everyone’s memory is the need of the hour.  Go to Brisbane wedding photographers for a great wedding photos.

Here are some ideas to help you personalise your wedding and turn on the celebrations.

If your wedding is planned during summer, gratify your guests by serving pitchers of lemonade as a welcome drink or listing the wedding programs on a fan shaped card that could double its purpose. The guests are sure to thank you for the hospitality extended.

It could be a simple wedding ceremony to show your laid back nature or an elaborate set of events highlighting the traditions unique to your families and culture. Womens clothing for the  guests should also match the theme of your wedding.

Pictures of childhood memories of you and your fiancé, hung on a clothesline on the way to the wedding venue, are sure to amuse the guests.

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Are you fond of children? Here’s a chance to include them in ceremony and planning as much as possible.

If you are fond of water, how about having the wedding ceremony on a yacht? Or incorporating the theme into the  wedding reception?

Animal lovers could include their pets in the ceremony as they choose to walk down the aisle.

People who love writing can utilise this skill for writing their wedding vows or a masterpiece to commemorate the occasion.

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