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Tips for Getting Sleep Post Pregnancy

Any mother can tell you how happy she felt experiencing motherhood. It’s a good thing to happen, however it presents its own challenges. One such challenge is getting good sleep. With a baby nearby, and new responsibilities in hand, it becomes difficult to give proper time to oneself. It is important to discuss everything in advance, with your partner. Also, having a good mattress helps get a quick nap and provide comfort.

Analyse how much you need to sleep

Some women sleep for long hours, while others are ok with short naps. It is important to analyse sleep needs. Discuss it with your partner to set a schedule – where partner can help take care of the baby during a particular time of the day – and you get to sleep. Also, when in the hospital, never be hesitant on taking help from the hospital staff. You need time to recuperate and it’s ok to ask for help.

Don’t take additional tasks for some time

You might have an older child, or an elderly; you might have to accompany them to some place some day. You might even have stuff to clean or important things on your to-do list. But it is better to say no to such tasks for some time. Sleep is more important – as it helps re-energize the mind and body.

Ask your relative, partner or your domestic help to take up these tasks on your behalf. It is also important to prioritize tasks – and avoid doing unnecessary things till the baby grows. Also, never say no to help. Just take it when on offer.