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Tips for Designing your Bathroom with Mirrors

The size of your bathroom mirror should depend on the wall’s size on which it will be mounted. If you have a big and spacious bathroom wall, opt for a large sized bathroom mirror. Or, group together smaller art mirrors to create a wonderful collage effect on a large wall.

A very small mirror on a large wall can look lost. Oversized mirrors work well with oversized walls, but may make a small wall look clumsy. Ornately framed bathroom mirrors tend to overpower small walls. So consider the balance of décor in mind before deciding on the size of the mirror. You need to consider also the bathtub when installing the mirrors.

Modern Mirrors

Modern mirrors make use of unexpected finishes and patterns, are a little different from the conventional designs you are used to and add pizzazz to a modern style bathroom. Examples are mirrors with bright coloured frames, bevelled edges and frameless mirror. A mirror like this can stand on its own without the help of other decorative pieces and create a fantastic eye catching effect.

Make Up Mirrors

Wall mounted bathroom mirrors placed in the master bathroom or in a bathroom that will be used by a female should always have lights fixed on top. Thankfully, these ‘make up’ bathroom mirrors fitted with lights are available in plenty in the markets and you can choose any based on its design and functionality.

The ready availability of various designs, shapes and framing materials allows you to customise your bathroom mirrors to fit your bathroom décor. You can even match your wall mounted bathroom mirror to the other decorative pieces you have in your bathroom.

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