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Tips for Creating Bumper Stickers for Promoting Your Business

In the business to make money but not sure how to promote your brand? You must have done the usual rounds of trade shows, exhibitions, and media advertising. But everyone else has too, and the ad world is so cluttered that it is really hard to break through the crowd and stand out. If you have to make your mark, then you need to try something new. Advertising through bumper stickers is a completely new approach to advertising – one that could literally turn your business around.

What are bumper stickers and why should you choose one?

Remember the political rally you attended few years back, and the stickers they handed out to you to put up around your house or on your car? These are promotional stickers meant to proclaim your loyalty to a certain party.

When you use the same trick to create bumper stickers for your brand, you are not only asking your customers to prove their loyalty by sticking these on their cars, you are also creating a sales force that is widespread and free! See Vehicle signage Sunshine Coast

Bumper stickers are completely in your face. There is no ignoring them! And stickers with witty slogans or eye-grabbing colors will remain embedded in anyone’s mind. You can hand them out as gifts or free giveaways at shows and kick start a promotional campaign.

Bumper stickers also create great gifts and you can combine them with company branded mugs or pennants to create a holiday gift for your customers.

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