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Tips for Buying a Wakeboarding Boat

Choosing the right kind of boat is crucial for an outstanding wakeboarding experience. A buyer must understand the technological requirements of the boat. In addition, you must consider your ability level for the sport. Here are some tips that you should be aware of before getting a wakeboard.

Board Length

The size of the board should be suitable for the weight of the wakeboard rider. Wakeboard manufacturers have a chart that details the length of the board for different weight categories of individuals.

You may refer to the chart to get a board appropriate for your body weight.

Board Rocker 

The rocker of the board signifies the shape of the base of the board. The shape determines the way the board moves about on the water surface. It can influence how high the board can raise the wakeboard rider.

You may choose from three kinds of rockers.

Continuous Rocker – This type of Ronix wakeboards has a smooth curve at its bottom with no edge. The board offers a fast and smooth ride. You can ride a longer distance but you cannot go very high.

Three Stage Rocker – The bottom of the board has a flat central curve, which allows more control to the rider. You can go high over the surface of the water. The shape of the bottom can interrupt the flow of the water. This can reduce the speed.

Hybrid Rocker – This kind of rocker incorporates the features of both the above types. You may achieve a fast and smooth ride and go moderately high.

You can also try ski tubes after learning wakeboarding.