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Thing to Prepare for a Fishing Trip in the Sea

It is best to create a checklist of these items to make sure you have packed them all.

Though fishing charters are generally well equipped with most of this equipment, it is advisable to be prepared with your own as far as possible.

A First Aid Kit and Medication: This is a necessity in any trip or holiday. The only care you need to take is to enclose it in a waterproof cover for a fishing trip. Be careful about carrying sickness bags or medication if you are bound to suffer from motion sickness and take them as per instructions, preferably 30 minutes before you board the boats.

Food and water: Plan your meals well ahead and get enough for all. Adequate water or water treatment systems should be included in your list.

Adequate Skin Protection:  Sunscreens, hats, sunglasses and insect repellent creams should be carried along to protect your skin from any of these issues.

Tools for repair: A knife, a multi tool, a pair of scissors, and equipment for catch-and-release will make your trip much easier by having them handy when needed.

Lights: A flashlight is extremely useful while fishing at dawn or dusk as well as to find your way around the boat.

Towels and Sleeping comforts: These oft overlooked items are much needed to ensure your comfort when onboard.

Camera and Batteries: Capture and share the memorable moments of your fishing trip using your camera. Don’t forget a spare set of batteries for all your electronic equipment.

With all the right gear packed and handy to use when needed, you can be sure of a great fishing experience on fishing charters and get the famed fishing trophy as well.

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