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The Field of Logo Design and Its Designers

A logo is an emblem, a symbol or a graphic mark used by big organizations, individuals and commercial enterprises to promote and aid in better public recognition. Logo design, a very crucial part of graphics design, is therefore the art of making logos, as the name suggests. It began in the late 1870s. That was when the first logo was made. It was called the Bass red triangle. Since then, companies and business organizations all over have been making their own logos. . Looking at all these logos carefully, we find out that they have one thing in common. That is, they use an emblem or an ideogram or a combination of the two, therefore coming up with very attractive logos. See business logo design Sydney.

When performing a logo design, there are crucial aspects of art that must be taken into consideration. First is color. This is very important as it plays a crucial role in differentiation of brands. It has a long term implication on the organization for which it is made. Best color connotations and association is obtained through cultural and social conditioning, which play another important role on deciphering and evaluation of logo color.

Scientifically, first impression that gets embedded in the human mind often results from color. When the color is attractive, then everything about it, and surrounding it will blend in with the attractiveness. If it’s not, then everything else about it, however well put across they might be, will not be attractive. Secondly, the design agency and marketing team should work together, bring out their ideas and ensure that whatever decisions they make are in line with the needs of the company or organization for which they are making a logo. The two parties should understand the target group perfectly. In addition to this, they should know clearly about the values and concepts of the brand they are working on.

With increasing piracy in the current world of business on brand logos, it is wise to copyright your own logo. An original logo design can be protected through copyright by the numerous intellectual property organizations. It is only the visual design that is protected even when the same is reproduced by another party in different colors and therefore, trademark registration cannot make claims of same colors used on a different logo by a different party.

Logo design, over the years, has become a well paying venture. All the design agencies that have ever been formed are known to be big, and handling huge annual profits. A beginner designer earns an average salary of above $50,000 annually. It is therefore a line of work that any ambitious design artist should get into.