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The Different Types Of Malware That You Should Watch Out For

Malware programs are known to be the worst thing that you can ever find on the internet. They are like the pests of the internet – much like how pests are in our homes – and they will surely cause a huge deal of trouble on your computer once malware gets in it. Just like the many pests that you can encounter in your home, note that there are different types of malware as well.

Learning the various malware that can affect your computer is extremely important as it will give you a better insight on how they work once they infect your computer. Here are the following:


It’s already known to a lot that personal data is extremely valuable, and these are often saved in computers because it’s easier to record them there. However, it’s one of the main reasons why spyware was built. This is a malware that often remains undetected as it collects data from the device. Identity theft can happen here which is why frequent computer scanning is a must.


It’s one of the classic malware of all time where you will never be able to properly access the features of your computer once you get trapped in its system. Ransomware is known to be the hardest to remove among all types of malware. This always requires its user to pay a certain amount in order to get rid of the virus, and some of them even pretend to be antiviruses while they block your access on the internet.


Bots are programs that are meant to perform automated operations in the system so then it the user can take a rest while the program handles everything. This is widely used in some online games, and some even find them as extremely helpful tools as well. However, for hackers, this is a very powerful malware that they can use in order to ease their work.


Rootkits is another malware that’s extremely hard to remove. They usually disguise as a type of file in the operating system of your computer which is why even antivirus scanners won’t be able to detect them clearly. The best resolution to get rid of this is through the means of reformatting your computer since it has a file name that seems to look legit.


Adware is known to be capable of selling things that you might “need”, and they will simply come across the internet as a form of ad that even contains a formal description. The trick of this malware is getting your money. Once you make a purchase on their end, they will then save your payment details for them to drain more cash on your bank account.

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