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The Damaging Influence of Moulds

Moulds attract termites which are a big menace. They make the environment of the building unhealthy and are one of the biggest sources of indoor air pollution. They are associated with diseases like asthma and allergic reactions.

People often complain of “mildew” like smell in a house where moulds are present. They also cause structural damage the building. Pre-purchase inspections aim at detecting and fixing the hassle of moulds.

How it affects the health of the residents

They pose a big threat for the health of the family members who reside inside the house. The airborne mould spores are inhaled by humans and cause respiratory problems like dyspnoea or difficult breathing, wheezing and asthma.

Moulds trigger allergic reactions like eye irritation (red, watery, burning eyes), light sensitivity and blurred vision, sore throats, dry hacking coughs, shortness of breath etc. It also results in nasal and sinus congestion leading to watery nasal discharge, fever, nasal blockage, and headache. Skin and lungs are vulnerable to mould infestation which may lead to symptoms like itching, dermatitis and eczema.

Some more health hazards of mould infestation

It also affects the central nervous system causing compleilike aches and pains, memory problems and mood swings. The damaging impact of moulds on health depends on the immunity or susceptibility of the individual and the concentration of mould spores in the immediate environment.

Long-term exposure to moulds over a period of time could be as fatal and toxic as nerve gas. It would be a wise decision to hire the services of building inspections Adelaide, in order to prevent the hazards resulting from moulds.

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