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The Advantages of Wood and Poly Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are great for providing privacy and protection to every home. By adjusting the louvers, the home owners can adjust the amount of outdoor and indoor visibility. Also, the amount of sunlight and fresh air can be controlled by the openings of the louvers. Plantation shutter are made of either hardwood or poly materials. It all depends on the budget of the home owners and this article will help you decide as to the kind of material that you wish for your shutters.

Wood shutters

Though plantation shutters that are made from wood are more expensive, but the elegance and timeless look that wood provides is undeniable. There are many types of grains and wood shades that are available. The wood shutters are made from different kinds of wood such as Cedar wood to allow customers to choose the graining and the natural color of wood that that they prefer. Plantation shutters that are made from wood are also lighter as compared to those shutters that are constructed using poly materials. As a result, wood shutters can be made into bigger sizes for doors and house windows. Moreover, the numbers of slats that are to be used for bigger door and window shutters are lesser as the slats can be constructed in a bigger manner.

However, the issue with wood plantation shutters is the need to repaint it regularly as the constant exposure to extreme weather conditions will cause the wood color to fade. The durability of Plantation shutters Melbourne is remarkable and it is worth every dollar that you spend on.

Poly shutters

Poly shutters are less expensive than wood shutters and they will not cause any warping and cracking over time as a result of exposure to extreme weather conditions. The plantation shutters that are made from poly give the look of wood minus the high maintenance. They are made from solid engineered wood substitute that will not make the material warp, fade or crack. They are also resistant to fire, moisture, and termites. Shutters made from this material also provide the protection, privacy and controlled amount of sunlight into a home. However, it only comes in three shades of white- white, bright white, and of white. Plus, they tend to weigh heavier as compared to wood plantation shutters.

So if you have not made up your mind yet as to which material is the right one for your plantation shutters- both the wood and the poly are great with the wood being more expensive than the poly, but the elegance and the natural look of wood is undeniably more sophisticated.