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How Termite Inspections are Done

If you are considering of searching for an exterminator who could check if termites have invaded your home, then most likely you have seen some few evidences of them. Probably you have heard some sounds of some insects chewing up your woods or you have detected some alates flying around your home, then it is time for termite inspections. Termites are very scary because they may be small in sizes but the damage that they can create is huge and costly. For the laymen, the presence of termites is challenging to determine because they feed the woods inside out. Your house may look fine but the insides are already destroyed by the termites and you can just wake up one morning, you can just see your house collapse before your very eyes, thus, termite inspections to be performed by exterminators is very important. The problem with termites is that they usually target the hard-to-see areas in your home, such as crevices and cracks. Listed below are the areas that exterminators inspect during termite inspections:

1) Flying swarmers– the alates or the new sexually matured adults look for other areas where they can begin a colony of their own. The alates are usually active at spring/summer time so if you see these small creatures flying around your window sills or doors. The alates fly around in search of wood for survival. During termite inspections, the exterminators can determine if these flying creatures are alates or not. The exterminators will look for alate characteristics such as wide waists and straight with beaded antennae.

2) Mud tubes– the exterminators will look into little crevices, cracks, pipes, and other areas in search for mud tubes. The termites are prone to dehydration and they use mud to cover them-up and protect them from dehydration. During termite inspections, the pest exterminators can determine if the mud tubes are still active or not.

3) Wood mulches– the main source of food of termites is wood, whether live wood or not. During termite inspections, the exterminators would inspect the indoor wood as well as woods in your garden. If you have wood barks, pile of firewood at your backyard, then the probability of termite infestation is very high.

Termite Inspections are very necessary in all households. It must be done on a regular basis because termites are silent workers, you will never realize their presence until you see the destruction in your home.