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Termite Barrier Installations

The different types of barrier installations that are available from Kordon Installation include the op 2 types that are:

Kordon Termite Barrier (TB)

This termite barrier installation from Kordon Installation is installed in conjunction with concrete slabs poured to AS 2870. It can be used for all building types such as in-fill slabs, waffle ponds, and tilt slabs, and even used to protect pipes and penetrations. This installation from Kordon Installation can also be used to protect retaining walls, step downs, joints used in construction, and ramps.

Kordon Termite Moisture Barrier (TMB)

This installation is used for protection from termites and moisture. The installation is used on the bedding sand before the point when the steel reinforcing mesh is laid down. Slab penetrations are also protected by this installation from Kordon Installation. When the concrete is then poured on the installation, it creates a barrier that effectively blocks termites.

Termite barriers are very effective in protecting against concealed termites that nest underground. Leaving your home and its structural foundations exposed to termite infestation and this can cause you much loss when it comes to the upkeep of your home. Using termite barriers made from Kordon Installation is an effective way of keeping the termites away from your precious abode and saving some money.

Kordon installations Sydney is backed by one of the world’s largest Life Sciences and Research company, Bayer. As such you always have the assurance that you are getting the best of the latest technology and service when you use Kordon Installation.