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Templating the Splashback and Measurements

A splashback is an important part  of the kitchen which can make the appearance of it elegant. When installing splashback, the dimensions that you specify to the person, sent over by the supplier determines the template that will be made out. The splashbacks will be made out of this template, and hence its accurate measurement is of utmost importance.

If the measurements are incorrect, then it may not be able to accommodate the cuts made out for sockets or may be uneven as a whole. So make sure that the measurement done by the person from Glass Kitchen splashbacks is accurate and he/she uses the best techniques like lasers and spirit levels to do so.

Manufacturing the Splashbacks

This is another crucial step in the splashback installation process. A good supplier will always ensure that the whole splashback is made out of minimum separate pieces. This makes the joint minimum in number and minimum joining work has to be done and ensures the whole appeal of the splashback is not marred by joints everywhere.

Installation and Fitting Operations

The most vital step of the whole process is the installation and fitting of the manufactured splashbacks. The whole process depends on this step. If every measurement has been taken accurately and the manufacturing process has been executed carried out with the minimum tolerance, then the splashback is entitled to fit accurately and whatever clearances and allowances have been allotted to the splashback, the socket cuts and fittings will fit perfectly to produce quality results to suit your needs.

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