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Starting A Simple House Painting Business

Painting is one of the easiest businesses that a painter can start. They can operate the business from home. It is cheap because it requires a small start u cost. The requirement is that the professional markets the services well so that other people can know about the home business. Again, the painters should be prepared to face the competition especially because many people already know about it. A business plan is a document that will help them before they start the simple home business. It will help them to create company image and look for a specialization. The aim of the whole exercise is to attract the right target market.

The business plan

A business plan will act as a guide to the entire start up exercise. It describes the focus that the business will take. It guides the painter on the type of painting that they will specialize on. Some of the painters choose interior decorations and painting, while others go for exterior painting depending on what the business plan and the budget dictate. More experienced painters go for both types as they feel confident and experienced enough to start the lucrative business.

The next step is to give an outline of the services that the professional will offer, which imply the specialization exercise. These could be in the categories of color consultation, murals or any other type that the painter feels comfortable to do. The business plan will also help in selecting the target market such as apartment and real estate owners, middle-class hoods or historic houses. The painters have to carry out a lot of research at this point to determine which of these types has the least competition but the highest demand. It ensures that they will have a stake in the business and that they will not have wasted their time starting it.

Business naming

Having set everything on its right track, then the business should get a name. The Perth painter can brainstorm suggestions from friends and family and come up with a name that sells itself. Business partners can also take part in this exercise to ensure that the name communicates what the business intends to do. For instance, if the business specializes on painting historic homes, then the name should incorporate the idea to attract all the historic home owners and stakeholders.

Registration and business introduction

The entrepreneur should then visit the local city clerk and have the business name registered before starting the operations. Later, the business should equip its venture by getting the necessary equipment and supplies.

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