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Some Of The Injuries Which You Might Get While Working Out

People lifting weights and practicing resistance training are very likely to suffer from knee injuries. Over running also might cause knee injury. Knee injuries are of two types. Whereas runner’s knee injury causes pain under and by the sides of knee cap, iliotibial band syndrome causes pain around the exterior part of knee.

Damaged cartilages or bruised bones in knee area might cause serious knee injuries. Serious blows or twists, improper landing of jumps, or workouts without warm up, are some of the most prominent causes of knee injuries.

Ankle Injury

Ankle injury might occur due to walking or running on uneven or rough surface. Twisting ankles in unnatural way or in opposite direction, unsafe landing after jumping, falling etc. are also some of the possible reasons of ankle injury.

Ankle injuries might cause inward or outward twist of ankles. Pain, swelling and inflammation are the most frequent symptoms of ankle injuries.


Should you practice strenuous workouts without providing rest to your body, your chances of getting fractures increase. Acute fracture and stress fractures are the two kinds of fractures. Over running, jumping, and other gymnastic activities might cause stress fracture.

Achilles Tendon Injury

Tendon joining calf muscles with heels might get injured due to tear, stretching or irritation in the tendon. Generally people practicing workouts after a very long period of time suffer from this injury. Due to long gap, their body lose flexibility, and sudden stretching leads to repetitive strain injury.