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Solar Power Energy – How to Identify if your Home and Surroundings are Right for it

The amount of sunlight your home gets depends upon the direction your home faces. It is always better if it is facing north. The panels that are mounted on the roof that is facing north, north-east or north-west are always the best positions to perform well. If the panels are facing west or east, you will lose about 16% of the output the panels achieve. So the best angle for the panels is between 30º and 45º. You can also mount them at angles between 15º to 50º. Anything outside this range, the solar power panels will start losing their performance. The space on your roof plays an important role, too. The optimum space that you should need is up to 24 square meters. It should be totally free from tree shades and chimneys. Your roof should also be very sound, structurally.

Solar Power Requirements of your House

Some of the homeowners depend solely on the money factor when it comes to installing Brisbane solar power in their homes. So it is always advisable to do some research and determine the size of the system that is perfect for your home. Also, understand how your home location and the solar panels affect the amount of power that is generated. Refer your electric bills and analyse how much electricity you need on a regular basis. These calculations help you to determine the type of solar power panels you need for your home. Compute the expenses for electricity for at least one year consumption and the expenses that will be incurred in installing solar panels then compare. This can help you decide if your home is suitable for solar power.

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