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Solar Electricity tips to Avoid

You buy solar power equipment and think that all you need to do is to install it and enjoy it. Many homeowners harbor misconceptions about solar energy equipment and its effective use.

Water takes time to be heated

For you to have enough hot water wash dishes and showering, the water should be heated at 120° Fahrenheit. This calculates the roof temperature at 130°F and the solar panels to be heated at a temperature of 140°-150°F.  But the truth is that temperatures don’t reach the right number to heat water. You will be stuck showing with cold water, or will have to wait until the water is heated.

Can’t install a small system to power a few appliances 

Think again if you plan on installing a small system for big appliances like AC and air conditioners, it would be difficult. Only small appliances like the computer and TV would be a good fit for the solar electrical system.  Connect the small electrical system to the regular electricity grid to help you maintain a steady electrical current for all your appliances.

Overcharging is not the fault of the company

It may appear that the company is charging too much for your solar panels and you should be getting it at a much more reasonable rate. However, though the price of solar panels has reduced in the recent years, the cost of installation is pretty high. Solar installation also requires other small instruments like the DC disconnects, heavy gauge wiring and other BOS (balance of system). Hence, the installation costs are high.