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Smart Shoes to Compliment Formal Men’s Attire

Formal occasions needs proper attire and of course, shoes! In fact, shoes are probably THE accessories that can mark the looks of a man who has spent hours grooming himself and picking the right attire. That is why you need a few pairs of good quality men’s designer shoes to complement your looks and clothing irrespective of the occasion.

Check the Leather

Although men’s formal shoes are made of leather, in most cases the leather used is of cheap quality that will crack and scratch easily. Premium quality natural leather is always flexible and soft and is obtained from young calf or lamb. Calf leather has the least amount of scratch on the surface and is highly prized for its amazing polish and texture.

Check the Insole

The insole of a shoe can really make all the difference to the way you enjoy wearing it. Reputable manufacturers also use the same quality of leather both for the upper part of the shoe as well as the insole. This ensures a uniform comfort level; allowing your feel to breathe comfortably while you are engrossed in long formal activities. Always check to see that the insole can be removed conveniently for cleaning or replacing.

Check the Outsole

Leather outsoles are compulsory for a formal, classy look. Although rubber soles are common and affordable, leather soles are what you should invest in. Such soles are more durable and flexible, thereby ensuring ultimate comfort during long hours of wear. Also know that top-quality manufacturers of men’s designer shoes always stitch the outsole to the rest of the shoe. In case you find the outsole just glued on, avoid buying as the brand is definitely not good quality dress shoes.