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Skate boarding Terms You Should Know

Skate boarding is an exciting sport and like all other sports it has its set of jargon you should be familiar with to discuss or understand the feats your friends are boasting about or to state some of your own. So here are a set of terms which will help you get familiar with the terms used in this outdoor sport.

Here are some basic terms to familiarise with the equipment.


This refers to the portion of the skating board where the skater usually places the feet.


A black or any colour back side sand paper fixed to the deck. This is done to increase the friction of the Long boards with the feet of the skater thereby aiding in skate boarding.


This refers to the edges between the trucks on the underside of the board.


This is what fits to the board and to which the wheels are attached. It refers to the front and rear axle assemblies which make provision for turning.


These are four in number for each skateboard; these are available in a variety of colours, shapes, designs and softness.


This refers to the length in between two innermost set of wheels.
Now for some terms associated with the tricks in skate boarding.


Riding the skate board with all the four wheels not on the ground.


This trick involves a 360 degree rotation which is done while doing a fakie (backwards) on the ramp.

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