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Signs you may have Digital Eye Strain

A huge majority of people these days spend their time in front of digital systems which maybe computers, iPods, smart phones or a digital television screen. But what they realize pretty late is the haziness and dryness which irritates their eye due to the digital eye strain. Corrective Acuvue Oasys Contact Lenses can be used as per prescription to solve this problem. But before you do so, a few signs can help you identify if you have a digital eye strain.

Dry eyes

If you’re a person who spends more than three to four hours in front of the computer or any other digital device on a continuous basis you tend to develop a problem of dry eye. This reduces the water content in the eye which also slows down your blinking. Also you may feel irritation or strain on the eye. This can be solved by using colored Acuvue contact lenses which are soft and hydrate the eye on a regular basis.

Eye fatigue

Screen with high resolution do not have the problem of flickering which is a common phenomena in low quality screens. When the brightness of the screen is low, you may have to keep it close to your eyes, which causes stress and finally eye fatigue. Even if the display screen is too small, the eye takes time to get adjusted and concentrate on the screen, which takes up quite a lot of energy in turn causing eye fatigue. Looking away from the screen or at beautiful scenery at a distant place will reduce eye fatigue.