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Signs of Defective Construction Work

No one can refute the fact that a building should be robustly built. You spend both money and time taking care that your building contractors build it the way you want to. But then, things can still go wrong. There are many reasons why this might happen.

Intrusion of Water

Water seeping through roofs is one of the major defects of construction work. Every building consists of building envelope, and the building envelope consists of flashing at openings and building paper. When this envelope is not installed properly, water passes through the building interior, mainly through roofs and walls. This will cause stains and cracks. Plumbing leaks are also major signs of improper building work.


Wall crack is another sign of defective work. The main reason for this is the settlement of the house, which means either the soil is not compacted properly or the soil is expansive due to exposure to moisture. Another reason could be improper structuring of the house. Cracks may cause if straps, nails and hold-downs are not installed properly. Also, improper plywood installation may cause cracks too.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are sometimes racked or twisted before installing them. This hardens them and operating them will become difficult. Poor framing of the windows and doors are another sign of defective work. This problem, if not fixed immediately, will only get worse with time. Sometimes, this can also be a case of settlement of the soil, structural problems or bad products.

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