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Shipping to Australia Checklist

A great deal of things are to be done and procedures to be followed whilst shipping. Prior to going to a shipping company to know about their conditions for shipment, you yourself should do a bit of research and gain information regarding the same.

What not to ship to Australia

There are certain things you ought to remember before you start with your shipment process to Australia.  food items like fruits & vegetables, dairy products; un-canned/ Canned meat products are strictly prohibited. Similarly, items like corrosive chemicals, explosives (guns or fire arms), prescription and non-prescribed drugs cannot be shipped.

Certain limitations are there on shipped items which should be known beforehand. Again, if your product is delicate and brittle, a sticker “FRAGILE” should be put on the package. Keeping all this in mind, its necesarry to have an insurance policy against the shipped items for furniture as accidents can happen. You should verify the policy coverage prior to shipment.

Items of your Checklist

A to-do list can come in handy while you ship your goods. Select the shipping company who would take care of your basic needs right from the shipment to documentation to the customs official. When deciding on the shipping company, all the charges and fees levied should be clarified in writing. Even the time required for shipment should be carefully noted down. When all the items in your to-do list are done and everything is arranged systematically, you have sit tight and wait for your shipment to be delivered.

One important machinery being used by a shipping company to transport heavy loads and items are the forklifts.