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Select a Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

Criminal law covers a wide variety of topics, and if your case is of a general nature then you can have any criminal lawyer handle it. But if you have been accused of something big, then you need a lawyer by your side who is a specialist in handling similar cases. Some criminal defense lawyers do focus primarily on certain kinds of cases like rape cases, or domestic violence cases, or murder cases. If the situation so demands, then you will be better off with a specialist than a Jack of all trades.

Public defenders may not be the best idea

Public defenders are criminally overworked (pun intended) and they normally have so many cases on their task list that it becomes difficult for them to focus exclusively on just one case and devote all their time on it. So if you feel that yours is a case that will require your lawyer to dig deep and research the facts, then hiring a public offender might not be the best idea you have had in a while, despite the fact that public defenders are less likely to charge you a monstrous bill.

Always ask around about the lawyer you hire

Meet criminal defence lawyers Sydney in person and judge their attitude towards your case critically. If they pass that test, then subject him to scrutiny from friends and family and see if anyone recommends working with him. Only then, should you go ahead and hire the guy.