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Scope of a Pest Inspection Report

A pest inspection report will contain the details that were unearthed or observed during a visual evaluation of a property. Pest and Building Inspectors will be limited to only the safe and reasonably accessible regions of a building and the report will be made based on conditions such as the weather, soil and prevailing structural situation at the time the property was inspected.

If no action is taken to rectify the situation, pest infestation or pest attacks can multiply rapidly under favourable circumstances and damage the property irreversibly.

Items Included in Pest Inspections Report

A pest inspection report will include any kind of damage wrought by the workings and activities of timer or wood destroying organisms and insects. It involves a visual evaluation of the evidence observed by the inspector.

Borers or Beetles

Beetles are commonly known as borers as they bore into timber that have been kept for service. These borers belong to the Order Coleoptera and cause extensive timber damage and also destroy wood.

Wood Decay Fungi

They refer to fungal organisms which cause timber wood, used in building construction, to decay or deteriorate.

Dampwood Termites

These dampwood termites are known for destroying wood and belong to the Order Isoptera.

Subterranean Termites

Belonging to the Order Isoptera, these insects destroy wood by staying beneath the surface.

If the wood or timber in a property has suffered structural damage, it falls outside the purview of Pre purchase Property inspectors reports. Nor will the inspector inspect, assess or identify and report on conditions that lie outside the property in question.

Pest inspection should be done when you are thinking of renting out an apartment. This is one of the responsibilities of a landlord.