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Things to Consider Before Sanding Your Floors

By now you are aware that floor sanding projects are not similar. The condition of the floor as well as the size and how the rooms are organized make all the difference when it comes to floor sanding. But, having one or more of these conditions shouldn’t dampen your mood for getting on with the project but if you are dealing with water damaged maple floors, you may need to enlist the help of a professional sander.

Here are a number of things you should consider before getting started

  • How big is your project?

Get the actual footage by measuring the size of the floors you are intending to work on. You should note that working on one large room such as the living room is easier than working on many small rooms such as the bed rooms.

  • How much finish is on the floor?

How much finish is left on your floors will determine the amount of work you have to do. If there is a lot of finish, you will spend a lot of time removing it. Floors that are laden with layers after layers of wax can be very challenging and you might be better of calling in a professional to help with the floor sanding.

  • How long has it been since you last sanded your floors?

The longer the duration, the more distorted the boards on the floor will be and the more work it will take to level them. This is even worse on hard wood floors and floors that have not been sanded for over twenty years.

  • Are your floors stained?

Paint, adhesive and water stains make floor sanding especially challenging because they use up a lot of abrasive and eat into so much of your time.

  • Irremovable stains

Pet stains don’t sand out and bleaching might not still get them out not to mention it can ruin your floor. The best option you have is staining your floors which can be quite a headache. You can stain your floors to a dark ebony which will then make the pet stained regions invisible.

You need to do a whole lot of research to get the best tips for sanding your floors yourself but if you are not willing to do all the hard work you can spend some money on professional floor sanders and get a neat professional job that is sure to be worth every penny spent. Contact the team here: http://a1flooring.com.au/.