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Roller Skating for Adults Guidelines

The most important thing in roller skating is to overcome the fear of falling. You will achieve this by learning to fall without hurting yourself. This is where your gear comes in handy. Your knee pads and elbow pads protect you when you fall forward and your helmet and wrist pads minimise the impact when you fall backwards.

To begin with, practice indoors. Take the help of a friend. Let him hold you by your underarms and push you slowly. You, on the other hand, bend your knees, lean forward and try to balance. Once you gain enough confidence, get out in the open, select a smooth surface to roll on – empty parking lot, for example – and take it slow. Practice your stance by balancing on your skates without moving. Keep your feet a few inches apart, bend your knees and balance your weight on the wheels.

Again, little bumps may make you lose your balance. If you are falling backwards, try not to flap your arms. That will minimize the impact. If you are falling forwards, try to fall on your knees. Make sure you don’t fall on your face.

Learn to Stop

You may have learnt to fall safely, but you can’t fall every time you want to stop those wheels, can you? You have to learn to stop them to avoid accidents. There are two ways to do it:

The Plow Stop – As you roll slowly, widen your legs, point your toes in, put pressure on the outside of your roller skates and let your skates come together in a triangle. You will come to a stop slowly. As you get better at this, you will know how to regulate your speed by widening your legs or getting them closer together.

The T-Stop – Put your weight on one leg, pick up your other leg and place it behind the first leg at a 90 degree angle, forming a ‘T’ shape. And then drag the wheels  very slowly and bring them to a stop. Among these two, The T-Stop could be really tricky. Try it only after you have mastered The Plow Stop.