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Roller Shutter Repairs and Maintenance

All shutters will sooner or later need repairs or at the least maintenance. These things will need Roller Shutter Repairs ad servicing. Given the daily operations that these things do, wear and tear will surely take its place eventually. Every mechanical and electrical part would need inspection or may need repair or maintenance eventually.

Your investment may need Roller Shutter Repairs years after having them installed. Most especially that they are mounted in doors and windows of your house, there is not a house where someone lives that does not open a door or a window, thus the call for Roller Shutter repairs in Brisbane.


Repairs is highly possible to come after sometime.

These things may eventually need the following Roller Shutter Repairs and services.

Belt Replacements – belts work double time as these are the ones that drives open and close the system. Such things or part need a regular check a replacement.

Winder Box Replacements – just like the belt, these winder boxes need maintenance and replacement as these has motors and gears that drive the mechanism of the shutter.

Curtain Replacements – this is the part that is exposed, rolled in and out. Sooner than later will need to be replaced due to wear and damage.

Conversion from Manual to Electric – these roller shutters are quite heavy to operate and would require quite an effort to operate manually. Thus the conversion would be a smart move and should you be quite undecided, it is recommended that you ask for the advantages that you are to get of using electric or automated system versus manual operation.

Battery Replacements – dry cells are known to last for a specific time frame, it has a lifespan. And just like any other battery, they need to be replaced as soon as the cells inside die or wear down. And having a healthy battery will somehow prevent the mechanical problems of the system and avoid the immediate need for Roller Shutter Repairs and services.

Maintenance Inspection – every mechanical equipment, manual or automated, will need to be maintained, either self maintained or by a professional. To ensure that the individual parts are in pristine or at the least in operational condition, assuring you of a fully working system with no worries. Regular maintenance is highly recommended to avoid possible costly Roller Shutter Repairs.

It is highly recommended that you ask the installer of the do’s and don’ts of having a roller shutter in windows and doors.