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Responsibilities of a Tenant

When you take a house on rent you will have certain responsibilities and legal obligations towards the upkeep of the apartment. Good property estate agent will be able to brief you on your role and you can also read up on the regulations concerning tenancy on the Internet.

General rules for responsible tenancy

You must pay your rent right on time every month as specified in the tenancy document. The short term upkeep of the property is your responsibility and you must not worsen the condition of the rented real estate property during your tenure.

Sufficient care should be taken so that you don’t disturb the peace and sanctity of your neighbours. If you receive any complaint or feedback regarding your behaviour during the tenancy, you must resolve it in an amicable way.

The tenancy documents are extremely important and are binding in the event of any dispute. You will need the papers in case of any issue regarding rent, occupancy tenure, property maintenance and other disagreements. Keep the documents safely in a secure place.

What to do when you move out

When your tenancy agreement ends you can either continue it on a full time basis or in a periodic way. Whatever your mutual terms are it’s your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the correct documents and safe keep them.

There will be some terms and conditions which you have to fulfill regarding the condition of the rented property. The particulars will be detailed in your exit condition document. You should procure your rental bond from your landlord and serve your notice period before exiting the house.

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