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Responsibilities of a Landlord

When you are thinking of renting out an apartment the prospect of getting a handsome amount of rent from the tenant must be very tempting. However according to the national law a landlord has certain duties and responsibilities towards his tenants. You must be fully aware of these responsibilities before you rent out an apartment. Failure to adhere to the legal norms might result in heavy fines.  There should be a tenancy agreement between the tenant and the landlord. Mortgage brokers Melbourne are knowledgeable regarding the legal requirements for the tenancy agreement and it’s advisable to seek an advise from them.

Cost of agreement

The tenant cannot be charged any money for receiving the tenancy agreement. However if there is any registration with the property management authority then the tenant can be requested to contribute to the cost.

Non discrimination laws

As a landlord you have to be sure that you are not discriminating on the basis of caste, creed, colour, age, marital status, sexual orientation or physical condition amongst potential tenants. The law stipulates that everybody should have a fair chance when it comes to trying to renting a home.

However you can rent out property to whomever you like provided you are not breaking the anti-discriminatory law.

The condition report

It’s your responsibility as a landlord to complete a condition report which records the physical condition of your house (room by room). The details present in this report should be accurate as this may serve as a key piece of evidence in the court in the event of a dispute.

Even if you do not take a rental bond is compulsory for you to fill up a condition report. This report must be made after an actual physical inspection (building inspection or pest inspection) and not from memory.

Ask the estate agents if you do have some questions concerning the responsibilities of the landlord.