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Resolving Conflict in the Team

Most times, conflicts arise due to misunderstanding, and misunderstandings occur because the other person did not hear you out completely. As a part of the team building activity, it is important that the employer pushes his employees towards learning and adopting good listening skills.

No Hate Mails

When you’re conducting your team building exercises, tell your employees to avoid shooting personal inflammatory mails towards each other. It is not a peacemaker’s practice. Rather it can blow things out of proportion, and make matters worse.

Tell your staff in certain terms, that sending out controversial mails to co-workers is a habit which is not entertained in the office. If there is a conflict which needs to be sorted out, the employees should communicate in person, or notify the office management to take appropriate action to close the matter, without having rest of the co-workers getting involved.

Go to the Source

The best way to cool off any office complications or fights is to speak to the source directly. It’s a better thing to do, as compared to going by what is trending in the office gossip. Encourage your team leaders and members to develop a frank and friendly attitude towards each other.

These attributes in a working relationship will benefit when and if there is an ugly spat to deal with. Part of the conference team building is to teach the staff to be direct in their approach. There’s no need to feel qualms or discomfort while interacting with a co-worker.