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Renovation of Small Homes 101

It is admittedly true that renovating your small house is going to cost you comparatively less than renovating a big old house. Yes conducting a home renovation in a small home will cost you less only if you are tactful enough to choose the right people and the right material. It also does not necessarily mean that you have to hire contractors. If you are the kind of person who likes a challenge and wants to engage your creative mind, DIY-ing your renovation is the best possible choice.

A home renovation conducted by yourself can be a time-consuming since you will need a tremendous amount of initial research. There are many reasons as to why one would choose to renovate their homes. Some would prefer comfort with the financial liberty, some would renovate their homes simply for the benefit of maintenance and repair. Some others would require additional space to welcome new members or simply to expand their living area. Another reason for renovation of your home is to save energy. You could install several minimum energy consuming methods such as thermal insulations, solar panels, renewable energy and lighting. One could also decide to renovate their homes to install home-fire systems, burglar systems, backup generators and security doors.

As an owner of a small house you need to know what the exact purpose behind your home renovation before actually going through with it since you might have limited space and a limited budget to work with. If you are not at the liberty of conducting an inspection to estimate the cost of the renovation, you could always hire an inspector to get an idea about the budget.

If you are not willing to conduct the renovation yourself or leave it to a contractor you should merely sidestep them and hire tradesmen themselves, including plumbers, electricians and roofers. But you would need to know there is always a risk in hiring an unlicensed or unregistered handyman or tradesmen. They will not be liable to any damage or injury that could occur during the home renovation to your house or to themselves. The contractor will consider if your home is subject to estate covenants or body corporate requirements, if your home is subject to heritage regulations, whether your renovations conform to energy- and water-saving regulations or whether your plans conflict with the Building Code of Australia (BCA). Also there is a benefit of getting a warranty from the contractor if you consider a contractor.

If you direly need the perfect use from your small space you can always talk to a designer and get an idea. The designer will make sure your small space will not be crowded and it utilizes its maximum space stylishly.

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