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Reduction Gearbox Motor

Should you find problem in the functioning of gearbox motor, just examine it properly, as there might be some problem in the valves. Instead of calling a plumber, prefer to change the valve on your own. The process of valve replacement is very simple and easy. You just have to remove the old valve, and install new valve in place of that.

Save From Moisture

The efficiency of reduction gearbox motors get affected due to moisture. As in rainy weather, moisture content is high, try to install the motor at a dry place. And if you are thinking to install it in open area, cover the motor with shade, so water cannot enter inside the motor.

Clean the Parts

There are different parts used in reduction gearbox motor which require proper cleaning. Over a period of time, dust, clay and rust starts accumulating around the parts. Different parts such as, motor housing seal bore, new seal, sealing area on shaft etc. should be carefully examined. Shaft might require polishing, so polish it to save it from rust. Housing seal bore might have become sandy, wipe it with cloth.

Excess of Noise and Vibration

Though noise doesn’t cause any physical damage to the motor, but noise often arises along-with vibration, which might cause grave damage to the windings and insulations used inside the reduction gearbox motor. One of the reasons of noise and vibration can be disturbed placement of motor shaft. You can simply align the motor shaft and fix the problem.

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