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Reasons Why Your AC is Making Noise

You really look forward to summer after a long and taxing winter. However, summer also means sweat and discomfort and you have to turn on the AC to stay comfortable indoors. But after being inactive throughout the long winter months, is your AC in perfectly working condition? It is natural for your AC unit to malfunction and you must call Air con installations services if you hear any strange noises emitting from it.

A Chirping Sound

Most ACs that have remained inactive for long emit a chirping sound when switched on. This is simply an indication that the machine is warming itself up before moving into working mode. Just turn on the machine and allow it to run for some time. In due course, the noise will lessen or fade away on its own. In case the noise persists or becomes louder, you may need to change a belt inside the unit.

Squealing or Screeching Sound

It is easy for the condenser fan located on the outside part of your AC unit to wear out from exposure during winter. Such a fan will snap easily or fail to rotate once the machine is switched on. In such a case you will hear a squealing sound. A screeching sound can be heard if the compressor is break down. In either cases you must call Air conditioning Gladstone to evaluate the machine and advise suitable repairs. In many cases, selling your old AC and buying a new one can be more cost effective.

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