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Reasons why Dinnerware for Formal Occasions should always be Glass

Dinnerware are generally put into use when you have guests at home. And you can create an everlasting impression on your guests, should you use glass dinnerware at formal occasions. Maxwell and Williams has huge stock of high quality glass dinnerware in numerous colours, designs and shapes.


Unlike ceramic and other materials, glass dinnerware can be recycled. Due to increasing non-biodegradable waste, the whole ecosystem is suffering. By choosing glass dinnerware, you can play the role of a responsible citizen. And the beauty of glass dinnerware is you don’t have to settle on colour, design and shape, because Maxwell and Williams has enormous variety of dinnerware in various affordable price ranges.

Clear and Transparent

Clear and transparent glassware not only look pretty, but they are also very hygienic. Due to clear surface, they don’t absorb odour of various dishes, and it’s very easy to clean them. Oily and greasy foods don’t remain stick to their surface. That’s the reason, every time you use them, they look as fresh as they looked when you purchased them.


Unlike other crockery materials which are prone to get scratches while using them, glass dinnerware don’t get scratches. Scratches on crockery make them look obsolete, which cannot be used more than twice.

But special material used in glass make them very strong, and you can freely use them, without getting bothered about scratches and other flaws. Glass dinnerware are very durable, and you can use them over and over again.