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Real Estate Agents – A Look at the Rules

Becoming a real estate agent means taking on a lot of responsibility. You are supposed to keep all the information and dealing confidential as you represent your client. The buyer and seller trust you with information about their expectations and property.

You will not disclose anything until the client gives an authorization to disclose confidential information. In addition, the only other time you may have to break the confidentiality of the client is when the law requires you to do it. To know more about the laws and the rules on real estate, you can enroll for short courses at REIQ.

Work on behalf of the client

You are representing a client and your first obligation is to report to the client. You are the sales representative on behalf of the home buyer and you should always keep him in the loop about the house. If an interested buyer is unhappy with the look and feel of the house, you can always defend it at the time.

Later give the feedback to the client who may choose to revamp the house. It will also increase the resale value of the house. But, remember, you are not supposed to fix the deal on behalf of the client without his authority is breaking the rules. Always inform the seller about the interested buyer, industrial property for sale Campbellfield and the price before taking any decision about the house.

If the client need to mortgage, then start the process immediately. It is better to have a pre-approval than a pre-qualification letter to win the trust of the seller. The waiting period for pre-approved mortgage can be long, which means should apply as early as possible.

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