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Questions you must ask A Potential Home Builder before hiring them

Getting major renovations done to your home or supervising a home building project is a stressful job. Obviously you will be emotionally attached to your home and any mishandling of the project done by an inexperienced builder will cause you a lot of heart ache. The best way you can make sure that your precious home is going to come out looking exactly as you had imagined it is by hiring a good builder. Here are some questions you should fire away at your home builders before hiring.

What are the terms of the maintenance agreement?

Generally all good home builders agree to give a free maintenance period during which they will oversee the well being of the property unit. Real estate experts say that you should be looking at a 6 month period for residential projects and 18 month periods for commercial properties. Also make sure that the person supervising your home building project and the person who will be in charge of maintenance is honest and has a clean track record.

Do you have a builder’s license?

The bottom line is “never hire a builder who doesn’t have a license”. This point is so simple yet many people choose to overlook this or simply don’t ask this question. Your state will have a specific process which will allow you to check your builder’s license registration number. An unlicensed builder will land you into legal trouble if something in your home construction project goes awry. Straight away ask your builder to produce his license registration number.

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You can also ask your home builder about the bathroom designs appropriate to your personality.