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Questions to Ask Yourself before Enrolling in a Spanish Course

There could be many reasons for taking a Spanish course from having an impressive CV to hitch-hiking in Latin-America. Before you enrol, you should ask yourself five important questions.

Why do I want to take the course?

Easy enough to answer if you know what exactly you want. Are you really trying to enhance your linguistic abilities in order to take up a profession like Spanish interpreter or translator or do you simply want your CV to look good when you show it around.

Are you planning a trip to Latin America and need to know a bit of the local language or do you need to interact with clients from Latin America? Or maybe you need to learn Spanish to pass an exam or you want to take a Spanish Class just to learn the language because you like learning languages.

The type of course you enroll for will depend on the underlying reason. If you want just a superficial knowledge to get by with making yourself understood, then you can take a crash course. If you need to learn it for the purpose of your career, you will have to take a longer and more intensive course.

How much Time Can You Spare?

This question pertains not just to the course itself but also includes self study time. Once you take the course, you will have to devote time for self study. Depending on why you are joining the course, and whether you are working a job, you can choose a course which gives a lot of practice during class itself or a course which expects you to put in a lot of self study time.