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Questions to Ask before Choosing Solar Power

Whether it is for household or commercial purpose, benefits and usage of solar power are numerous. It uses arrays of photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity, providing clean energy and no greenhouse gas emissions.

The usage of photovoltaic cells is an expensive piece of technology. Here are a few questions that you should ask yourself before opting for solar energy for your household.

What kind of Government rebates will I receive?

Two financial incentives are provided in Australia if you invest in solar power and solar energy systems. Solar Credit Scheme, which in under the Federal Government, reduced the total cost of the system and offers a generous sale discount.

Also, several State & Territory governments in Australia have embraced the system of feed-in tariffs, which makes it obligatory for your energy provider to buy the energy you export to the grid at equal or above market prices. However, this is a state-by-state scheme and might or might not be applicable to your location.

How quickly do I see a return?

Like wind or water, solar power is a renewable source of energy. The investment you make will eventually come back to you, but it is not instantaneous. A smaller system of under 5kW generally guarantees return under 5 years.

A larger system between 5 and 10kW has the expected return time of around 5-7 years. Although the initial investment of the larger solar PV systems are considerably more, the long term benefits of these outweigh those of the smaller systems.

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