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Qualities of an Effective Team Player

It is a known fact that each employee has his/her own strength and weakness. Grouping them together into a team taps their collective potential to the maximum while minimizing chances of mistakes and failures. Adaptable and reliable team members are therefore an asset for any organization.

When the other members falter or fail to perform, these members get the work done through their own initiative. It is therefore important for you to nurture your team members and shape them up as efficient team players as part of your Team Building.

All team players who enjoy working in harmony with other demonstrate certain qualities that make them endearing to others.


A good team player must always be reliable. Apart from his own share of the assignments, he should be ever ready to pitch in for others. He is a person ever eager to meet commitments and is consistent in his performance. He is the person whom you can count on to deliver his maximum no matter what the assignment is. He will always work for the entire team and not for his own advancement.

Listen Attentively

An effective communication is always two-way process. You must give your team members the freedom to express their opinion. Welcome diverse ideas and listen attentively. When your members can speak their mind, your entire team becomes stronger and there are few chances of misunderstanding that is why it is important to have a Team Building exercise every now and then.


Team work is all about sharing and caring and a good team member knows that too well. Just because he is willing to take additional work does not meant that he will hog the limelight. Check out Corporate team activities Sydney.