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Pros and Cons of Bamboo Flooring

As a substitute for the regular concrete and tile floors comes the bamboo flooring. This type of flooring most times is always mistaken for hardwood. Although similar in some aspects like installation and maintenance, the components of bamboo differ from other hardwoods. Bamboo is now considered one of the fastest growing trends when it comes to flooring material due to the appeal it provides to individuals. The dark bands which are inherent in the bamboo reeds make for an eye catching pattern thereby making it aesthetically appealing. When considering options for flooring, it is not a bad idea to opt for the one made out of bamboo. Before making a decision as to the installation of bamboo flooring, it is best to weigh the benefits against the negatives.

The following are advantages or benefits that can be attributed to the use of bamboo flooring:

  • Quality and Durability: Perth Bamboo floor are known to be able to stand the test of time as a result of their rigidity. This is important especially in climates that are humid and the flooring can be affected. Bamboo when compared with other hardwoods is known to come out as superior. Its resilience and ability to withstand dents is also an added merit.
  • Humidity: the bamboo floors are also known for their ability to withstand moisture of any kind whether it is as a result of the weather or from spills. As a result of this, most homes apply them in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Eco friendly: lunate change is something that has become a worldwide problem. Also, the woods gotten from forests are fast depleting and therefore a move is being made from hardwood to bamboo as they can be grown and harvested at a faster rate than other hardwoods.

The same way there are benefits, is the same way there are demerits:

Floating: the floating of bamboo floors is not something that can be easily done when installing. When purchasing it, it is best to ask question about the type of restrictions applicable when installing.

Brittle: according to users, when compared with other similar hardwoods, bamboo comes off as brittle in nature.

The pros and cons of the bamboo floor should weigh in to any decision made regarding its purchase as to whether or not to go for it. Regardless, when it comes  to flooring material made of bamboo, they are easy to keep clean, especially attractive and very stable and as a result of this sustainability, their popularity has greatly increased.