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Procedures Of Building A Carport

If you live in an area that experiences extreme weather, it is prudent to build a carport to protect your motorcar, boat and other motor vehicles. Instead of parking the car outside, consider erecting a carport to shelter it.

Carport builders can either construct it to stand on its own or attach it to a wall on your already permanent building. Discover the typical steps in construction and go ahead to invite a carport building company today.

Preparation for building

You would have to obtain the necessary building permit from your local authorities for building a carport. Visit the office of your local city planning department to ensure the plan abides by the building codes.

Just as you would obtain a permit for house extensions, so do you need one for the construction of a carport. Typically, the authorities will request drawings of the intended construction, proof that you own the property, and filled permit application forms.

Purchase building materials

If you do not have experience yourself, ask custom carports Gold Coast to help you develop a checklist of the required materials. The materials will depend on the need to protect your vehicle. You can choose between metal and wood as the main material for the structure.

As pressure-treated wood is versatile in most weather conditions, it might be the best option for you. This is especially true if you want to build a permanent structure. If you want a quick fix to the problem, invest in a galvanized metal carport.

Level the ground

It is important to prepare the ground on which the carport will stand to avoid future destruction. As a rule, the ground should be level. Next, pour some gravel to avoid wearing of the soil due to constant parking. Alternatively, consider building the carport on an already level concrete slab. Preparing the ground adequately means that you will not have to bring dirt and mud into the house with your shoes.


Carport builders will typically start with digging holes where the carport pillars will stand. Ensure that the holes are at least two feet deep and are equally spaced around the perimeter. Ideally, six posts will be enough to support the structure. Next, fasten the main beams and the side beams at the top with strong rafters. The carport should look like a rectangular box by now.

You will need to fix more rafters at the top to hold the roofing material. Consider using treated plywood as the roofing material. Some carport builders use galvanized metal and corrugated iron sheets. However, these are prone to sun heating. The last thing you want is to get into your car only to find it extremely hot due to the heat radiated through the roof of the carport.