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Precautions to Take While Using a Floor Sanding Machine

Even a tiny mistake created while sand flooring can be seen after the work is completed. It is surely a very unforgiving task which requires a lot of patience and time. But a few useful tips on the precautions you have to take while floor sanding, can help you in making your house beautiful and ambient.

Clear the dust bags

Floor sanding machines when used for long hours take in a lot of dust particles which are the remains of wood. These particles are stored in dust bags which are placed inside the machine. This dust bag should be cleaned frequently and emptied to maintain the efficiency of the machine being used.

As the wood dust has a tendency to catch fire easily, care should be taken to remove the dust only in a fireproof container and place in the area outside the house. Also one should take precautions to keep small children away from the dust bags to avoid health hazards.

Clean the area

Before even you start flood sanding you have to clean the whole area or the floor well. This will help in avoiding the damage which might be caused to the machine and also injuries which may occur when you’re fully concentrating on the sanding.

You should also be very careful with the cables which are scattered in the area to avoid any trips or falls while moving the machine. Finally, it is your responsibility to return back the machine if it is hired and thus any damage caused to the equipment will be your responsibility. So handle it with care.