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Popular Myths about Skate Boarding Demystified

Skate boarding is gaining a lot of popularity day by day. People are moving towards this sport, as it is full of fun, energy and excitement. But, there are some myths about Skating. Let’s understand the reality hidden behind those myths.

Skating is for Kids Only

Generally skate boarding is assumed to be a game primarily for kids only. But there is no truth behind that. The game is a perfect fit for people of all the age groups.

Just like all other sports, skating is also for all the people, irrespective of their sex and age. Skating is cool and that’s why kids have dominated this sport, but that doesn’t mean that it is not for adults.

Large Deck Move Slower

There is another myth, which says that large decks move slower. But the size of skate board deck depends upon skater’s size of feet. Obviously the size of a kid’s feet and an adult’s feet is not going to be same.

Large deck doesn’t affect the speed at all because it’s just like wearing, shoes of right size. A kid wearing large decks will surely have slower speed. But an adult will need the deck in which his feet can comfortably accommodate.

Skate Parks are Pricey

Skate parks are assumed to be expensive. They are bit pricey, but return on investment brings down the cost to a very low level. It should be looked, in terms of long term investment. If you will count the long term cost of these parks, you will find them quite economic.

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